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-The Glenn Armentor Law Corporation

A Different Approach to Problem Solving

Always. Works. Easy. Three small words with GIGANTIC meaning.

How do you guarantee an AV project’s success? That’s the question we set out to answer 15 years ago. While we may not be perfect, we’ve certainly been able to significantly increase successful outcomes for our clients through our unique approach.


Pre-Build & Test

Deploy & Support

Step 1

Solution Evaluation

Every component we use in the building of a client’s AV system passes through the following litmus test before being recommended:

Step 2

Pre-Build & Test

We model each client’s AV system in-house before it ever gets deployed on-site. By testing all of the equipment, we can ensure that our initial solution evaluation was correct, or make changes to correct mistakes before they happen.

Step 3

Deploy & Support

Because everything is pre-built in-house, we show up ready, and deploy systems quickly. You can expect clear communications on when we’ll be on-site, what we’ll be doing, and how long we expect to be there.

Once your system is ready for use, our team will provide on-site training for both meeting room users and I.T. or AV support personnel. Our standard warranty provides numerous levels of support long after deployment to ensure lasting success.

Successful Projects = Happy Clients

We will not rest until everything is working as it should, even years after deployment.