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This is the easiest AV System I’ve ever connected to… and I’ve been to many AV vendors, including top 50 contractors.

-Glenn Yates

Highway Marketing

Meeting Room AV Systems

Meet AVOS – An all-in-one controlled room solution.

Imagine a meeting room AV system that increases productivity, eliminates IT support calls, and delivers a superb, consistent experience every meeting.

With AVOS, you don’t have to imagine it.


Meeting room users can easily operate the AV system and start meetings, presentations, and conferences without needing help from IT


IT and AV management teams get access to real-time diagnostic reports and remote management of the meeting rooms


The Help button and Auto-Correct features save your organization time and money from less room downtime


Free help support calls for the life of the system *Some terms and conditions apply. Contact one of our Meeting Room Experts for more information.

Who is it for?

Typically suited for organizations with 15 or more meeting rooms, we built AVOS with both the meeting room user and IT support in mind. AVOS creates a consistent experience for users, while delivering valuable insight and data to IT.


AVOS Meeting Rooms are built with a “brain” that catches and corrects costly mistakes before they impact you. No matter what AV is in the room, users can easily connect to a source and perform basic functions with the press of one button. With less time spent on distracting AV problems, you can have more time to get work done.

Not ready for total AV control?

AV Solutions is well-equipped to handle AV projects of all sizes.