photo of bank building

I just want to extend a big “Thank You!!”…  I had some pressure about getting this room back to operational, and I really hope you feel my gratitude for coming by and saving the day.

-Midsouth Bank

Proactive and Preventative Maintenance

AV Solutions’ Preventative Maintenance (PM) services are designed to minimize the liabilities and unexpected failures of electronic communications equipment and systems. PM includes inspecting, cleaning, testing, reporting and training.

Out of Office System Inspection & Testing​

We offer on-premise inspections and testing of AV systems to identify (and where possible resolve) cooling and other unexpected issues that may compromise your system’s usefulness or lifespan.​

Returning to Office System Preventative Maintenance​

Minimize user delays and IT workload by prepping dormant office AV systems.

Our on-premise system preventative maintenance proactively identifies and addresses disruptions that may occur due to power, network or AV issues before the system returns to regular use.

Remote System Preventative Maintenance

Our remote system check is a fast, low-cost option that ensures your AV system is online, controlled devices are connected and communicating, and your core is examined for errors or concerns that need further evaluation.

In-Meeting Support

Our AV engineers or technicians can assist you in preparing for important or large company meetings. We can be available in-person, or remote during your meeting to assist IT and meeting organizers with tech issues that may occur.

Bulk Hours

Be ready for anything with our pre-purchased, reduced cost, use-as-needed support plan. Our bulk hours program provides instant, pre-approved support on a scheduled or emergency basis.

Stop Problems Before They Happen with AVos

AV Solutions’ proprietary software includes auto-recovery features, free 24-hour self diagnostics, and free monthly reporting and monitoring for the life of the system.