Law firms put a premium on meeting room impressions. Learn how they enhance AV user experiences.

Anyone Can Deliver Better AV User Experiences. Here’s How.

Technical glitches with meeting room equipment make it impossible to put your best foot forward with clients and customers. 

AV Solutions has worked with many Louisiana and Gulf South-based law firms that place a premium on making a good impression every time. Here are some of their AV best practices and lessons learned that can benefit any business in any industry. 

Our take on the AV user experience: To improve the AV user experience, IT teams should think about their users as customers, the same way lawyers think about their clients. This helps IT teams think of the  work they do as customer service and that delivers better results for everyone. 

Here are some best practices for delivering top tier customer service to AV users.

  • Find simple solutions users don’t have to work hard to figure out. Employees need solutions they are comfortable using. White glove customer service from your IT team can include personalized training for users to make sure everyone is set up for success.
  • Choose solutions based on the outcomes they deliver, not how trendy they are. There is always a shiny new tool in the AV world, but not every new tool is best for your “customers”. Decisions about what AV technology to invest in should be guided by the specific needs of each department in your firm or company, and every technology investment should align with the values of your organization and the outcomes you are trying to achieve.
  • Think ahead to future needs and start preparing now to meet them. IT teams should always be working to visualize what is coming next and addressing the need before it becomes apparent to customers and users. With many employees preparing to return to the office, IT teams should be thinking about how users are conducting meetings from home and how they can successfully replicate that AV user experience in the office.
  • Track usage and productivity to see what’s working and what isn’t. Productivity reports and workflows can help IT teams see where work is getting done and where there might be bottlenecks that new training or technology can address. Tracking technology usage allows your IT team to make better planning and budget decisions based on what your customers are using the most.
  • Put proactive monitoring and maintenance tools in place. With the right proactive monitoring tools in place, such as AVOS from AV Solutions, IT teams can identify and address potential issues before they happen so users don’t experience any glitches or downtime. With the confidence that IT will respond to issues quickly and effectively, users can stop worrying about their meeting room technology and start focusing on serving their customers instead. 

The takeaway: When IT teams treat users as customers they can define what works best and deliver it so everyone has what they need to succeed. 

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