Implementing the Hybrid Work Model Is Simple and Impactful

Did you know that five out of ten employees prefer a hybrid work model?

Although the COVID-19 pandemic played a significant role in making this work model so popular, now that things are cooling off, hybrid work is here to stay. Why? Well, because it works. 

Incorporating a hybrid office environment into your company provides employees with flexible work options and increases productivity

However, many businesses have not yet incorporated this model because of a lack of information and technology. Luckily, many incredible technology solutions can help you transition your business into a hybrid one.  

Read on for guidance on finding technology for hybrid work and how it can take your company to the next level. 

Figure Out What Your Team Needs for a Flexible Work Model

The key to a successful transition to a hybrid work environment is providing your team with everything they’ll need to meet their goals. Since a hybrid model provides flexible work options where your team can work both at home and in the office, you’ll have to consider the tools everyone will need for both locations. 

For example, your team will need a computer, internet access, a video camera, and a microphone and speaker when working from home. In the office environment, you’ll need computers, cameras, microphones, speakers, displays, internet access, and meeting rooms, etc.

Then, you must find the right technology that will help facilitate communication between in-person and remote employees and teams.

Using the Right Technology to Improve Employee Engagement and Productivity

Using the right technology for a hybrid work model is key to making the system work. At AV Solutions, you’ll be able to find some of the most revolutionary technology to ensure that your employees have the best experience possible when working hybrid.

Why Does Incorporating the Right Technology Matter?

With the correct technology, you’ll be setting your team up for success by helping increase employee engagement and productivity. When your team has the right tools to succeed, the entire company will reap the benefits. 

Understanding how your meeting spaces are used—and meeting types—is key to having the correct technology to support your collaboration needs. Internal team meetings may have different technology requirements than townhall broadcasts, which is critical to understanding how the meeting space will be used. 

What Challenge Does the Right Technology Solve?

Hybrid work technology should NOT be hard to use. On the contrary, it should be there to improve the human experience at work. In addition, the right technology will facilitate communication, help you determine what types of meetings will take place, and help you start meetings on time

Some meeting room technology tools that can help take your hybrid work model to the next level include: 

  • Professional microphones, speakers, and cameras
  • Flat-panel displays and/or projectors with screens
  • Video conferencing solutions
  • AV system maintenance 
  • Top-notch customer service

The right technology will improve the flow between remote and in-person work. With this, employees and teams will have a smoother, more cohesive work experience. 

Need Help Creating Your Hybrid Work Model Plan?

If you’ve been considering implementing a hybrid work model at your business, you’ve come to the right place. Hybrid environments can boost productivity, improve employee engagement, and promote a better experience at work.

To succeed, you must understand what your team needs and find the best technology to make the hybrid working experience as smooth as possible. 

For best results, a hybrid work technology plan is key to providing an equitable work environment. Ready to meet your specific business needs and enable better business outcomes? Get in touch with AV Solutions today!

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