Upgrading your AV equipment at the right time can bring you significant benefits.

Three Signs It’s Time for an AV System Refresh

When your television screen goes blue and squiggly, it’s obvious the time has come for an upgrade. But how do you know when the time is right for an AV system refresh? 

Between the Lines. Audio visual systems can be complex. There are lots of components, all with their own maintenance requirements, life cycles, and upgrade deadlines. AV technology also changes fast, and it’s easy to get distracted by the “next big thing” when you don’t need it. And of course, there is always your technology budget to consider. Upgrading your AV equipment can be costly and easy to put off. 

The Big Picture. How do you determine your equipment life cycle to know what parts of your AV system to refresh when? Here are three things to watch for. 

  • Your AV equipment is outdated—or failing. An AV system refresh is an opportunity to take advantage of new AV industry standards and add new functionality to your meeting spaces. For example, you could upgrade to displays with higher resolution for better content sharing or replace analog inputs with digital solutions. And of course, if you have any equipment that isn’t working anymore, it’s time to replace it.
  • Your business requirements are changing. An AV equipment refresh can help you meet new and developing business needs, such as adding touchless capabilities enabled by AVOS that help keep employees safe and healthy or incorporating new video conferencing functionality to support your hybrid workforce.
  • Your AV system is due for a scheduled upgrade. Sometimes your AV equipment has simply come to the end of its manufacturer life cycle and it’s time to upgrade it. The good news is most AV systems can be upgraded in stages. By keeping track of what AV equipment you have and the life cycle of each piece, you can plan and budget accordingly.

What’s Next. A successful AV system refresh is a careful balance, and AV Solutions can help you strike it. Our goal is to get you the right tools to meet your specific business needs, enabling better business outcomes and increased productivity. Ready to plan your upgrade? Get in touch with AV Solutions today

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