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Client Story: Waitr

How does a fast growing food delivery company support employee communications across new buildings and locations?

Waitr Director of IT, Brett Guidry knows a lot about what it takes to transition from a startup to a publicly-traded company. Naturally, the larger the company grows, the more space, IT and AV needs grow. In Waitr’s first build-out of their AV system, they chose a partner that deployed a system that had user issues from the beginning. When Waitr asked for help, their partner wanted to charge extra money for having to come back in on service calls.

“I know that things don’t always work right out of the box. No matter what you do, or how much you prep, things can just go wrong. It’s what you do to make things better that define you as a worker or company,” Brett Guidry said.

Having continued issues with their vendor, Waitr reached out to AV Solutions to fix recurring issues and implement a new AV plan. Once the relationship was established, AV Solutions worked quickly to implement AVOS – their proprietary AV operating system.

Brett adds, “My favorite part of the system is two-fold: One, the back-end login to see the status of everything (AV status in the meeting rooms), and two, the help button that is on every single one of the panels.”

With AVOS, when someone is in trouble during a meeting, they can press a “Help Button” and it will send communications to the internal AV support team, as well as the AV Solutions support team immediately. Features like this and more enable clients like Waitr to have more consistent and successful experiences with meeting room AV.

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