Make sure your users know how to run hybrid meetings and who to call if they need help.

Future Proof Hybrid Meeting Rooms with a Reliable Support Plan

Selecting and installing the right hardware in your hybrid meeting rooms isn’t the end of your process: it’s just the beginning.  

Our expert POV: Even the best hybrid meeting room hardware will be a failure if no one knows how to use it, and if there is no way to report issues when things go wrong. As you prepare meeting rooms for employees who are returning to work, the final step is making a support plan that will keep those spaces running smoothly today and well into the future. 

Here are three components your hybrid meeting rooms support plan needs.

  •  A roll-out plan for users. Users expect to walk into hybrid meeting rooms and start a meeting or make a video call with no delays. If the hardware in the room is unfamiliar to them, their experience suffers. And if users have to call IT for help every time they need to start a meeting, your IT team will suffer, too. A long-term plan for meeting room support has to include clear communication with and adequate training for meeting room users and IT support staff.
  • A method for reporting issues. If there is no way to report issues, users will find ineffective and unreliable workarounds to the problems that are experiencing, or they’ll give up on the hardware altogether. The worst time to find out about a major hardware issue is right before a critical meeting, so make sure users have an easy way to communicate as soon as things go wrong so issues can be resolved more quickly.
  • Remote system diagnostics and repairs. In many cases, your pool of remote employees includes some or all of your IT team. In other cases your meeting room support team is not local to your office location. A remote monitoring and maintenance system like AV Solutions’ AVOS has built-in tools that let IT staff quickly identify and start resolving the issue from anywhere. If IT support staff does have to come on-site, it’s to bring a solution, not figure out what’s going wrong. 

Take action to improve hybrid meeting rooms: If your meetings and meeting rooms don’t work, it reflects poorly on your organization, and puts your user experience at odds with your company values of excellence. 

Getting the results you want takes long-term planning. You can’t just buy meeting room equipment, hand it off to your overburdened IT team to install, and expect to get the business outcomes you want. A reliable support plan sets your users up for success and creates a path to quickly resolve issues will ensure your meeting room systems are aligned with your organizational values.

Go deeper: Let’s talk about your long-term vision for your hybrid meeting rooms, and how we can help you plan for the support you need today and into the future. Give us a call at 225.326.3832 or use the Contact Us page on our website to tell us about your project.

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