Keep your EOC running smoothly with the right AV technology ecosystem

How to Keep Your EOC AV Reliable and Connected

Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) need a reliable and interconnected audio visual system to operate efficiently and effectively. The AVOS software solution from AV Solutions can help you build and manage an integrated AV system that fails less and fixes faster.

Why It Matters. Most EOCs are equipped with common AV technology, including: 

  • Video conferencing, including microphones, speakers, and cameras
  • Displays and/or video walls
  • Audio conferencing, including microphones and speakers 

But more important than the hardware itself is making sure it can be used to connect and communicate with all the right people. 

In the post-pandemic world, EOCs need the capability to: 

  • Easily display and manipulate different data from multiple sources
  • Allow relevant parties to easily access the data
  • Connect operations centers to smaller conference rooms or meeting areas on-site
  • Connect via video with outside sources to provide real-time communication 

The Big Picture. The AVOS software from AV Solutions is an all-in-one controlled meeting room solution that can keep your EOC connected and running no matter what. With AVOS you get:  

  • Remote access and support even when your physical EOC location is inaccessible  
  • Self-diagnosis that allows the system to identity and resolve issues on its own 
  • Responsive support from the AV Solutions team with an always-accessible Help Button 
  • A consistent meeting experience to all participants 
  • Multiple fail safes, back-ups and redundancies that ensure continued system function even when failures occur 

What’s Next. AV Solutions can help you design and install an interconnected AV ecosystem that fails less and gets fixed faster when issues do arise.  To build an AV lifecycle management plan that meets your 24/7 EOC requirements, get in touch with AV Solutions today.

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