Flexible meeting spaces that provide great audio with video conferencing are a must in the hybrid workplace.

Hybrid Work Demands Flexible, Agile Meeting Spaces

With some employees returning to the office, some still working from home, and some doing a little bit of both, your meeting rooms need to be flexible and agile enough to accommodate different types of meetings—and meeting participants. 

Our Expert Advice. These best practices will help you design meeting rooms that can meet the needs of all your scheduled and impromptu meetings, no matter who is participating and no matter where they are. 

  • Establish clear audio for everyone. The key is having enough microphones to cover the space so everyone is picked up. Tabletop mics can extend your coverage in large spaces, and they make it easy for meeting attendees to quickly mute the sound as necessary. Simple acoustical treatments such as curtains, acoustic panels, or rugs can address distracting ambient noise. 

  • Pick the right camera. The size of your meeting room will determine the type of camera you need, and the best place to put it. All-in-one video bars are a good option for small and medium sized rooms. For larger spaces you need a camera with auto-focus and pan/tilt/zoom that can focus on the active speaker. In every size room, your camera should be positioned at eye level whenever possible. 

  • Get the best display for your space. The best way to choose the right display is based on what type of content you want to show. Will you be streaming video and hosting video calls? Or working with detailed documents? The type of content you will be displaying will guide both the size and resolution of your display. 

  • Make room for social distance. Many companies are adopting flexible meeting room configurations and solutions that can accommodate social distancing requirements. With mobile video conferencing capabilities, you can turn any room into an agile meeting space, including larger, non-traditional spaces such as cafeterias and lobbies that can accommodate bigger groups of people safely. Tools such as digital whiteboards make it easier to share content with remote participants. 

What’s Next
. AV Solutions helps organizations standardize their video conferencing and unified communication platforms so users have flexible solutions that can be launched from any device for a reliable collaboration experience no matter where they are. We’d love to help you design your next video conferencing space. Get in touch with AV Solutions today

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