Ask someone what their favorite thing is about their job and they might say their co-workers, their short commute, or working for a mission they feel passionate about. But has anyone ever told you their favorite thing about their job is their meeting room system? 

For a lot of people, meeting room systems cause confusion and frustration. But for others, like the IT director at the food delivery service Waitr, the right system helps meetings start faster and employees feel happier. 

What do your conference rooms need to become something you love using instead of something you dread? Keep reading to find out how we’re helping meetings run on time and with less frustration. 

Is Your Meeting Room AV Affecting Meeting Start Times? 

With more than 11 million business meetings happening in the U.S. every day, starting meetings on time and having them run smoothly is critical to productivity and profitability. According to a study conducted by the University of Nebraska, meetings that start just five or 10 minutes late are far less effective than those that start on time.  

An audiovisual system that is difficult to use can be a major contributor to meetings starting late and participants getting annoyed—or abandoning the meeting all together. No one wants to sit around while a problem with the hardware or software is being worked out. And no one wants to be the person at the front of the room with no idea how to fix it. 

AV equipment that doesn’t work easily when you need it to wastes valuable time, increases frustration, and can make a bad impression on clients who are expecting a smooth presentation or pitch.  

You Imagined a Room System that Made Meeting Easier. We Built It.  

At AV Solutions we believe meetings can—and should—start in less than a minute. And we don’t think it should take all your brain power to make that happen, either. Instead, we built a meeting room system with a brain of its own that makes it easy to launch meetings on time and catches and corrects costly mistakes before they impact you. 

AVos is an all-in-one controlled meeting room system that increases productivity, eliminates technical support calls, and delivers a consistent experience across all your meetings and meeting spaces. Here’s how AVos works. 

  • Easy to operate. Simply connect a configured device, such as a laptop, and the system will detect it and turn everything on automatically, including displays and cameras. A single button press will turn the entire system off. And, if you forget to turn it off when you leave the room, AVos will automatically shut everything down after 90 minutes of sitting idle. 
  • Easy to connect. Any mobile device, such as a laptop, phone, or tablet, can be connected to the AVos system through a USB, VGA, or HDMI cable, to automatically share presentation content over a video conference.  
  • Easy to manage. Whether they are on-site or remote, AVos gives IT and AV management teams access to real-time 24-hour self-diagnostics, and allows them to understand and manage meeting room system issues from anywhere. 
  • Easy to get help. Every AVos interface comes with a shared help button. If you run into an issue with the system, all it takes is a push of that button to get the help you need. The system will take a diagnostic snapshot and send it straight to your local support teams and to AV Solutions for a quick resolution of the issue. 
  • Auto-recovery features. If the input or power status on your meeting room display changes, AVos will detect the display is on the wrong input or that the power is off and will automatically change it back to the correct status. Also, all network devices have network recovery built into them.  After 10 failed attempts to connect to the device, AVos will stop trying to reconnect until the reset is hit, so there isn’t a buildup of error logs.
  • Monthly reporting. Get free monthly reporting and usage metrics on a room by room basis. These reports provide you with the metrics needed to understand and predict your room usage and up-time. 

Here’s What Customers Love About AVos 

For Waitr, getting help when they need it—rather than being left to deal with problems on their own—is the best part about AVos

“When somebody is in trouble, they don’t just flail around trying to figure it out for a very long time. They hit the button, it pings us and we go in and check on it,” said Brett Guidry, director of IT at Waitr. “But the great thing about that is the AV Solutions team almost immediately reaches out to us and asks us, ‘Hey, what’s going on? Do we need to step in and help in any way?’”

For Business First Bank, the cost savings that come with effective meetings were a big draw to AVos. 

The bank’s AV costs were skyrocketing as they struggled to connect leadership across multiple cities. With AV Solutions and AVos, they got a fit-for-purpose solution that reduced costs and still delivered a reliable and consistent video conferencing experience in every meeting.  

“AV Solutions understood what we were trying to accomplish and didn’t try to overbuild it,” said Keith Mansfield, chief operations officer at Business First Bank. “Everyone was extremely professional and the AVos interface was the easiest to use out of all I’ve seen.” 

Stop Problems Before They Happen with AVos

At AV Solutions, we believe technology should simplify our lives, giving us less, not more to do. Our integrated systems break less because of research and development, product selection, design and deployment standards, and AVos software auto-recovery.  Learn more today

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