Providing the must-have technology in meetings rooms will enable your team to have productive meetings.

Bringing Video Into Meeting Rooms

The start of the COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to re-examine their remote work capabilities. Now, with some workers heading back to the office, companies need to reimagine their meeting rooms and workspaces. Keeping in-person employees safe and making sure they can collaborate easily with team members who are still remote are top priorities for just about everyone.  

Are your office spaces ready to support employees returning to the office who need to collaborate with team members, clients and partners working from anywhere and everywhere? Keep reading to learn more about how the right video conferencing system can help you prepare for the return to in-person work. 

Choosing the Right Meeting Room Video Conferencing System for Your Hybrid Teams

Before you invest in buying new equipment for your meeting rooms, there are a few steps to take that will help ensure you get the tools you really need– and that your employees will actually use. 

  • Review the current hardware in your meeting rooms. Will it work with the video conferencing platform– or platforms– your team is using? Or does your hardware need to be updated now? 
  • Connect the hardware and software. Once you have compatible hardware and software solutions, make sure they are talking to each other. If you have multiple meeting rooms, consider new room standardizations that ensure the system works the same way everywhere. 
  • Get the support you need. Even the best meeting room systems have issues arise, so make sure you have a way to address them before they happen. The best support system includes a human interface to tell you what it’s working in the room and why. A web-based QR code in every meeting that takes users to a survey which would let them comment on any issues they had with the room. Or let you know it all went off without a hitch. 

Three Approaches to Outfitting Your Meeting Rooms with Video Conferencing Capabilities

Once you know the changes and upgrades you need to make, there are different approaches you can take to outfitting your meeting rooms with a video conferencing system. The right choice will depend largely on who will be using the system, and what they need it to do.

  1. Consumer DIY. Some users might find consumer equipment that seems affordable and adequate from retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy. Consumer-grade tools are generally inexpensive and users can usually install them on their own. But there is one important trade-off: the system may or may not work in real time. 

  1. Professional DIY. You could source more professional grade equipment from manufacturers such as Logitech, for example, and still install it yourself. Simply connecting a webcam that is labeled as “Zoom ready” or “Microsoft Teams ready” might do the trick. But who do you turn to when your important video call doesn’t work as advertised?

  1. Enterprise class installation. With this approach, clients work with a professional partner such as AV Solutions to reach common goals of high quality video and audio—from manufacturers such as Poly or Crestron. This assures that the system always works when you need to rely on video or audio meetings.   

Working with an audiovisual (AV) technology partner to bring video conferencing into your meeting rooms has many other benefits:

  • AV technology partners have experience installing video conferencing software
  • AV technology partners have technical certifications that ensure their installations work smoothly
  • AV technology partners have existing relationships with equipment manufacturers
  • AV technology partners provide support, trouble-shooting and are experts at problem solving most equipment 

Working with an AV Technology Partner Brings the Best Collaboration Results

In the modern hybrid workplace, a reliable video conferencing system is more important than ever. A DIY approach might seem like the best fit for your budget, but unreliable systems could end up costing you more money in the long-run.

At AV Solutions, we can help you outline your objectives and then design and install a video conferencing system for your conference rooms that meets the requirements of your employees and your bottom line.

Ready to get started? Call AV Solutions today.

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