Keep your manufacturing plant moving with the right AV technology to meet your collaboration needs

Get Reliable Communication and Collaboration at Your Manufacturing Plant

It takes a precise balance of people, machinery, and processes to keep a manufacturing plant running smoothly and safely, and that mix includes your audio visual equipment. Your teams need unified communication and collaboration tools that help them communicate effectively, work efficiently, and maintain the integrity and security of your operations. And those UC tools need to be the right fit for the different types of spaces where your work gets done. 

Keep reading to learn more about the most common and productive types of meeting and collaboration spaces, and the AV technology solutions you need to make the most of them. 

Meeting Rooms and Training Rooms 

These meeting spaces enable the smooth operation of your manufacturing plant. This is where employees can meet regularly and routinely to communicate about training, safety, and daily operations. This group of meeting spaces might also include huddle rooms for smaller team meetings. 

Meeting rooms and training rooms need AV equipment to be quick and easy to get up and running. Ideally, the meeting room technology can be activated with one touch. Due to high security needs, many meetings will be conducted from a laptop so easy BYOD connectivity is also critical.

Multi-Purpose and Open Collaboration Spaces

Most manufacturing plants have conference rooms and executive meeting spaces, but they can’t always accommodate large events such as site-wide trainings or quarterly all-staff meetings.

To enable more employees to participate in larger meetings in-person, you may have to convert a lunchroom or other multi-purpose space into a meeting room from time to time. That requires flexible AV technology solutions that can be moved from room to room and offer reliable wireless connectivity for content sharing.  

Emergency Operations Centers 

These spaces are at the very heart of your manufacturing operation and quick, clear, reliable communication here is critical. The chief of operations uses this space to hold daily calls and review data and analytics across divisions. 

Your control operator might also use this space to watch machinery throughout the plant and take calls from different areas of the plant. Workstations need all the communication and collaboration tools required to monitor and manage the plant. 

AV Technology for Every Manufacturing Plant Meeting Space 

Whatever the size of your meeting spaces and regardless of the type of work your teams do in those spaces, you need an AV system that can meet your communication and collaboration needs quickly and reliably every time.  Audio visual technology solutions to consider include: 

  • LCD or LED displays to share content during meetings and trainings 
  • Video walls to share real-time content in common spaces such as lunchrooms or EOCs
  • Video conferencing to communicate with other departments or locations 
  • Clear audio to ensure everyone can hear and be heard
  • Easy compatibility and connectivity with laptops and other secure personal devices

AV Solutions Can Keep Manufacturing Moving 

AV Solutions can help you identify the right AV solutions for your manufacturing meeting spaces, and then standardize them across your organization so your business runs smoothly and securely. We’d love to help you design the right AV system for your manufacturing plant. Get in touch with AV Solutions today

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