Get the most out of your remote meetings by standardizing your video conferencing technology.

Deliver Top-Notch Remote Services with Standardized Video Conferencing

Over the past couple of years, Zoom became the video conferencing standard in the legal profession industry. However, many law firms struggled to deliver remote services and hold successful meetings. Their legacy video conferencing systems couldn’t connect easily to government-provided Zoom links and Zoom Room Connectors don’t seem to solve the problem.

Why Video Conferencing Compatibility Matters. Attorneys need to deliver reliable, secure services to their clients no matter where they are, for everything from meetings between attorneys and clients to remote hearings. Workaround solutions like using laptops to connect to Microsoft Teams and Zoom won’t get the job done anymore. 

How to Get Started Upgrading Meeting Rooms. Reliable audio and video infrastructure in meeting rooms is critical. Most law firms will have to start with a mix of temporary and permanent solutions to keep the user experience for attorneys and clients uninterrupted

  • Temporary solutions include mobile hardware that can be deployed on video conferencing carts and moved from room to room.
  • Permanent technology investments include replacing legacy equipment or upgrading it to make it compatible with Microsoft Teams and Zoom. 

Develop a Technology Investment Strategy. Whenever you decide to upgrade or replace your video conferencing technology, interoperability is key. Even with employees returning to the office, remote meetings aren’t going anywhere. AV Solutions can help you identify a clear path for updating your meeting rooms, including whether to choose a dedicated platform, go with agnostic tools, or design a mix of both to create consistent audio and video experiences.

Here are two ways technology can keep your meeting spaces operational and meetings productive:

  • Crestron XiO. Get remote system configuration, as well as remote monitoring and instant notifications when things go wrong. Reduce installation time, configure thousands of devices simultaneously, and monitor everything from wherever you are to improve device uptime.
  • For rooms with more AV hardware, AVos from AV Solutions can provide a similar level of control, monitoring, and access that is also compatible with Creston XiO. AVos is an all-in-one controlled meeting room system that makes it easy to connect, operate, and manage your meeting room video conferencing systems.

What’s Next. AV Solutions can help you choose the right path for upgrading and standardizing your meeting room video conferencing system. Get in touch today.

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