Implement best practices for better AV user experiences for your hybrid workforce.

Best Practices for Better Hybrid Meeting Experiences

Employees have been working happily and productively at home for the past two years. If businesses expect those employees to now return to the office, they need to figure out how to deliver the same positive AV user experience. 

Expert POV: Here are some best practices for any business that is getting ready to welcome employees back to the office. 

  • Build technology trust. Conducting meetings from home was easy. All users had to do was fire up their laptops and open up Zoom. In contrast, the video conferencing technology in your meeting rooms might be unfamiliar or intimidating to users. Make sure they have the right training and preparation so they can walk into any meeting space trusting that the equipment will work and they can operate it easily.
  • Meet emerging needs. With some things still not back to normal, your users might need different kinds of meeting spaces than they did before. For example, they might need smaller, private rooms to meet virtually with clients or even participate remotely in meetings. Before they return to in-person work, make sure users have the types of spaces and AV technology they need.
  • Replicate positive AV user experiences. Employees expect the workplace to deliver the same positive AV user experiences they enjoyed at home. Find out how users were meeting and collaborating remotely and then figure out how to replicate that experience in the office.
  • Take a top down approach. Management buy-in and support from firm leadership, not just IT leadership, is critical to easing the return to the office. Involved management improves the odds of AV technology investments that align with organizational values, support work/life balance, and help employees feel safe and productive.
  • Always be looking ahead. Visualize what might be coming next so you can meet your users’ needs before they even arise. Remember, the day your whole workforce goes remote is the wrong time to figure out if you have enough laptops to go around. 

Final thoughts on the AV user experience: When work is interrupted, or stopped, because users can’t operate meeting room AV technology successfully, everyone and everything suffers—including your bottom line. When employees are empowered with the right meeting room tools in the office, they will be more likely to return confidently and productively. 

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