To have a successful hybrid learning experience, you need permanent and scalable technology solutions.

Upgrade Your HyFlex Classrooms Without Breaking the Bank

Many colleges and universities are enjoying the benefits of flexible, hybrid learning models, and looking for ways to make them permanent. 

But how do you prepare for the future of education without breaking the bank in the here and now? 

What You Need to Know About HyFlex Classrooms. HyFlex classrooms combine both in-person and online learning. In a HyFlex model students can move between attending class in person, watching a live stream of the lecture, or catching up with a recording of the teacher’s presentation when and where it is most convenient. Benefits of a HyFlex classroom model include: 

  • Student-centered education that helps students balance the demands of their personal and professional lives with their academic responsibilities.
  • A customizable educational experience where students choose the modality that best fits their learning style.
  • More engaged and successful students with more initiative and control over the experience of learning. 

Best Tech for HyFlex Classrooms. To make HyFlex classrooms successful for everyone, teachers need the right educational technology, and they need to be comfortable using it. AV technology your HyFlex classroom needs include: 

  • Auto tracking cameras that can follow the action and capture the teacher or presenter, the in-person students, and even documents or handwritten notes.
  • Projectors or large flat panel displays that make it easy for class participants to see each other, as well as to see detailed documents, slides, and presentations from anywhere in the room.
  • Video conferencing capabilities that provide an immersive experience for remote students by giving them a “front row seat” to what is happening in the classroom even if they are miles away.
  • Lecture capture technology that gives students watching a classroom presentation asynchronously the same experience as those who saw it live. 

Financing Your HyFlex Learning Spaces. For your hybrid model to really succeed, you need permanent, scalable technology solutions that can grow and adapt as your needs change and evolve. 

Luckily, there are a variety of purchasing options for colleges and universities that can make a more long-term transition to hybrid learning less painful for your bottom line. Some to consider include: 

  • CARES Act funding. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was passed by Congress in March 2020. The original CARES Act and its subsequent expansions included a Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund, which authorized over $100 billion in funding to help institutions of higher learning serve their students through the pandemic and beyond. Through the relief fund, colleges and universities can apply for grant money to offset the costs of updating classrooms and technology to meet the needs of hybrid learning.
  • The Louisiana State Contract. Through the Louisiana Office of State Procurement, public education entities can find vendors—such as AV Solutions—that hold a Louisiana Contractors License. Get peace of mind knowing your vendor has been vetted and approved by the state as reliable, ethical, and fair. 

Get Started. Working with an AV technology partner is the best way to ensure the investments you are making in your new hybrid learning model will help you meet your goals and deliver a successful educational experience for students and teachers alike—no matter where they are. Ready to get your HyFlex classrooms up and running? Get in touch with one of our AV experts today.

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